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8 Common Errors in Web Application Development

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8 Common Errors in Web Application Development

Web application design and development is no doubt a booming sector with lots of exciting opportunities for people with an innovative mind. This field is rewarding too for the most talented candidates. But, the rewards come into hand when one is able to tackle the challenges of custom web application development and design. The challenges are often some terrible mistakes that can ruin a design and affect the career of a web designer. How ably a professional keeps those mistakes at bay determines his or her efficiency.

Common Errors

At first, let’s talk about the errors in the design phase of a web app. Then, we will move on to discuss the faults in the web app development process.

Avoid these common errors in Web Application Design >>


  1. Lack of a search box Different applications focus on different products or services. It is not possible to display all the information an app offers on a single page. Information is evenly distributed under several sections. That is why it makes sense to include a search box on which a visitor can type his or her queries and come across quickly what he or she has been looking for. With a search box, you are ensuring that the potential audiences get exactly what they want in the application.


Lack of Search Box

  1. Poor content layout – What makes a website, application or a blog popular? It is content. Appropriate structure of content is indispensable for drawing high traffic and to make your custom web application development and design project a success. To achieve that, you need to take into account the following points.

 Poor Content Layout

Present content attractively with the use of headings, sub-heads, short paragraphs, bullet points and of course, keywords.

  • Make sure the content is up-to-date, useful and relevant to the theme of the application.
  • Organizing content is not just placing a block of text. It is significant to adorn it in order to grab and hold the attention of the users.


  1. Difficulty in reading text One of the key aspects of a winning web application design is to make sure the text is easy to read. Yet, it is one of the common errors in web application that app developers make. The proper choice and use of font style and size are the determining factors in this respect. Designers have the right to be innovative. But, it is not feasible to go fancy with fonts when you are working on an app meant for corporate professionals. A formal font is apt here. On the other hand, a playful font style will go well with a fun app. Pay attention to the font size which must suit any screen size depending on the type of device on which a user browses the app. Create a great design interface with the perfect font style and size and offer users an enjoyable reading experience.

 Difficulty in reading text

  1. Imprecise navigation In most cases, it is poor navigation which spoils the functionality of an application. You cannot go wrong in this aspect. The navigation must be smooth and unswerving.


Poor Navigation

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Do not commit these common errors in Web Application Development >>

  1. Creating your own authentication method > Most developers bear a tendency to develop their own authentication method and the result is an open invitation to hackers. It is a wrong perception that hackers will not be able to detect the log-in system created by you. A safer or the safest option is to use existing libraries that prevent security breaches. Existing libraries are continually tracked by the security community.


  1. Not keeping focus on the system as a whole > More than one developer works in a custom web application development As a result of which, the entire project gets less attention than the small, significant details or individual elements. In the aim of making each and every part of a web app safe, secure and seamless, often the whole product is deprived of adequate attention and becomes susceptible to security holes. During the flow of data from one stage of a business process to another, several security related troubles arise. A developer given the responsibility to work on one part of an app development may not be familiar with what’s going on at the other part. This can give rise to serious issues like, leakage of data and ineffective data management.


  1. Not deeming security as the prime concern > Security must be the primary factor when developing a web app. As the app developers and they will say that this one of the common errors in web application development made by rookie programmers. You should bear in mind that security forms the most vital part of the total structure of an application. Work on the Cross-Side Scripting and Cross-Side Request Forgery aspects right at the start of the app development. They are tough to deal with at the concluding part of the development.


  1. Allowing users to create weak passwords > This is a common security loophole easing the job of hackers. A password needs to be strong, not at all complex and very easy to remember. Developers must guide the users to create such a password.


Therefore, make sure that your custom web application development and design project does not reflect these flaws.

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