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Caution: Custom Web Application Development Mistakes that Ruin Usability

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Caution: Custom Web Application Development Mistakes that Ruin Usability

It is the desire of every web developer to provide users with an amazing experience through a well-developed interface. However, majority of times, the interface turns out to be frustrating and confusing, adding to the inconvenience of the users. When it comes to custom web application development, usability has turned out to be an essential aspect for the success of a web application. Expectations of the users have undergone lots of changes over the past few years and confusing interfaces surely don’t help the cause. The present day web applications are required to be high performing, user-friendly, secure and accessible. Here are some of the mistakes in web application development which need to be avoided by developers at all costs.

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Complicating Common Functions

It has been found out that web usability mistakes generally result from developers forgetting the simple fact that users need an easy to use interface that make their tasks a lot easier. For example, the odd interface created by a developer will not receive any sort of appreciation unless, it adds utility. On top of that, if the utility is not properly understood by the users then, it is the responsibility of the developer to create some integrated means that will enlighten people on how to use it effectively. Developers always have the desire to create something that is innovative and new but, it can turn out to be a hindrance towards offering users with a hassle free user experience. Taking a new approach to common functions may confuse the users instead of impressing them.

Changing Crucial Elements of Navigation

Users also get annoyed when a developer turns an application into a scavenger hunt by placing essential buttons and other navigation elements throughout different places within the screen. This is a common feature of custom web application development where an element is changed from screen to screen or from one page to the other. This can cause users to get extremely frustrated and give up on the web application, once and for all.

Meaningless Error Messages

It is a common occurrence that whenever an unauthorized mistake or attempt takes place, an error messages pops up on the screen. But, the worst part is that, instead of offering the users with proper advice on solving the issue, the message that pops up looks thoroughly confusing and alien to a user. This once again is a crucial mistake that developers need to keep in mind while developing custom applications for the web. Users need a proper advice on what needs to be done to resolve the issue rather than get bombarded with mysterious codes and numbers.

Too Long Registration Process

Web applications that require users to sign up before proceeding should keep the required information to a minimum. If the registration process is to long then, maximum number of users will move away from the application before even taking a look. The best idea for developers is to keep the entire process simple with the sign-up process requiring one click and minimal information. Another good idea is to inform the users about how much time it might take to complete the entire process. It is much better to inform users at the beginning regarding the duration of the registration process rather than making them realize that it is going to take time to complete the full registration process.

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Confusing the User with Various Competing Options

Every developer should aim to offer their users with a clean and clear path that will help them to fulfill their tasks without any complication. Availability of different various competing options can confuse the users regarding making a decision. In custom web application development, the options provided within a page needs to be mutually exclusive. Redirecting the users to the same thing through a certain action on different pages can only complicate matters and waste time.

Underestimating the Issue of Spam

Imagining that a web application is free from spam or captcha can solve the issue is no doubt easy but, this is not a thing to be neglected by web application developers. Spams are usually created by humans and spam within crucial parts of a website can prove to be disastrous for the reputation of the site. Therefore, the best idea is to give a serious thought to all such issues before they become hard to handle.

Hence, we can sum it up the Mistakes :

These are some of the common issues in custom web application development that can easily ruin the experience of the users and making them feel frustrated and irritated. Web application developers need to chalk out a proper plan before they start with the task of building an application. Focusing on the core areas where usability matters the most not only helps to provide users with an enhanced experience but, ensures they come back over and over again.

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