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How Developing Mobile App can Help you make Money

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How Developing Mobile App can Help you make Money

Many business owners think that print advertising is the best way of promoting their business. However, the cost of running a campaign through print media is extremely high. In addition, the life cycle of a print ad is low because some companies collect old newspapers, magazines, etc. to make packaging materials. This means you need to constantly invest in print advertisement to buzz your target audience

On the other hand, many consumers use mobile phones to gather information on products and services. If a business owner allocates maximum budget for print advertising, then the money may go wasted. The best way to tap potential prospects is to run campaigns through digital platforms. These mediums not only generate fast response, but they also offer economy of scale to business owners.

We live in an era of social media. The importance of popular social media site like Facebook is already known to us. Platform like Facebook offers you with viral means for promoting your business effectively. Do not think that usage of digital platforms to promote your business is a costly affair. Nowadays, many consumers use smartphones for making purchase decisions. So, why not you design a mobile app for your business by hiring a mobile app development company and reap the future benefits.


Current Insights about Mobile Usage

  • 21% of millenials prefer mobile phones for getting online access
  • Mobile phones have surpassed computers in internet usage in January 2014
  • Consumers spend 89% of their time on mobile apps for gathering knowledge of products and making purchase
  • By 2019, marketers will allocate 72% of their budget towards mobile ad spending

You have seen how mobile apps can promise generous returns in the future. It is a wise idea to deploy a mobile app in place by hiring an app development service. However, in order to promote your app, you need to build robust strategies. Go through the following tips and generate the desired revenue for your business.

Target Custom Ads

When you sell in-app advertising space, you can earn substantial profits by incurring minimal expenses. When you execute the plan in right manner, you will find that you have covered the cost of the app development.

A reputed e-marketing survey company has predicted that $28.72 billion will go towards mobile ad spending this year. Marketers are competing with each other to get their brands exposed through mobile apps. When you launch your app, you can earn more revenue by approaching local businesses and offering them more advertising space at lower rates.

You need to display a logo on your app’s home page or you can add a sponsor’s page, which links to front end sites. When such advertisers provide you with images, conducting the campaigns becomes an easy task. You can attract more advertisers, when you roll out this strategy.

Go for Self Promotion

If you have developed a single app to promote your business, promote the same with your existing customers. In addition, resume social media sharing to spread the word of mouth effectively. When you see that visitors are frequently downloading your app, you can get the guaranteed ROI.

If you have developed multiple applications, then promote them within each other rather than hiring someone else to perform that task. A banner ad developed for a specific app will result in more traffic and you can easily execute and monitor the campaign. You have to link your banner ad to the app store listing, so that users can click for downloading the app.

Go for Automated Ads

You can make money without putting much stress on sales procedure. Mobile ad companies like iAds, Doubleclick and AdMob permit you in integrating automated advertisements into your application. By doing so, you can get a good response, as the integration can boost clickthrough rates. You can easily perform the integration task, without worrying for sales procedures.

These are the above said ways of generating revenue for your business by developing mobile app. If you do not have an app, get it developed now from a reliable app development service.

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