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How to Improve Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates?

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How to Improve Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates?

Increasing revenue and acquiring profit simultaneously is one of the most effective ways to ensure improved conversion rates. It helps in converting more number of shoppers into buyers. While companies are mostly focusing on SEO strategies and advertisements to increase the clicks, the conversion rates are appallingly low. The conversion rates are typically around 3%. There are no signs of improvement when it comes to conversions. So what are the useful ways which can help the online merchants to improve this figure?

 Improve Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates

Here are some tips that can help you to boost your ecommerce conversion rates –

Make your website buttons stand out

Color pathways are effective ways to make the ‘buy now’ and ‘checkout’ buttons to stand out. These are supposed to guide shoppers and not blend in with the website background. Thus, it is important to ensure that these buttons are a little different from the rest of the lot. Using varying but meaningful colors can help you to achieve the same. Little changes like these have a huge impact on the buyers as these offer vital visual cues to the shoppers.

Concentrate on product reviews

If you are an online merchant, you will definitely focus on increasing your product range. But is that enough? Honestly, it is not. Product reviews must be your focus too. These contribute considerably when it comes to increasing the conversion rates. When customers see what the other buyers are thinking about the product it solves a number of queries for the potential customer as well. Therefore, the reviews as ecommerce solutions can work wonders in gaining the confidence of the new customers. Just make sure that the product reviews are genuine!

If you do not have product reviews, ask the customers who have purchased a new product to provide a feedback about it.

Include Trust Messaging

It is important to include the trust messaging in the right places. The trust badges work particularly well if they are placed on the cart pages that are near the action button for submitting order or checkout.

Guarantee your price

One of the major reasons why carts are abandoned is because the buyers might not be confident about the price they are paying. It is essential to ensure that the buyers are convinced that they are not overpaying in any way. If an e-commerce website wants it can deal with this problem at the very outset. One of the ways of dealing with this is by addressing the buyer’s worry regarding prices by offering a low price guarantee on the product page itself. A simple change like this can actually help the ecommerce website with better conversion rates.

Get rid of programming errors

Programming errors are annoying to say the least. They hamper the user experience and are one of the major reasons why shoppers cannot be converted to buyers. Nowadays, besides ensuring that the websites are compatible across various platforms it is also necessary to ensure that they work fine for the handheld devices as well. Amazon is one of those ecommerce websites that has dealt with such a problem with ease. Their error messages are not intimidating at all. As a result, they do not discourage the shoppers from progressing with their purchases.

Cart recovery is a good tool

There are various tools available in the market that can help the online merchants to know about the email addresses that are provided by the shoppers when they are in the process of checking out from the website. It is important at this stage to get hold of the data and email the potential customers if they have not completed the purchasing process.

Go mobile

Handheld devices are everywhere. If you are not going mobile you will end up losing customers. The ecommerce websites must be compatible with all kinds of handheld devices to ensure that the customers can reach from anywhere, anytime. User experience is a vital element that decides the conversion rates as well.

When an online merchant is increasing his conversion rate, he is also boosting the revenue and value of each of the visits that drops on the website. By increasing the value of the visits, the website can stand out from the competitors. In addition, there is PPC, SEO and email marketing that can further help in tapping the potential customers to help the conversion rates to grow.

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