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How Mobile Apps Can Drive Revenue to Your Business?

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How Mobile Apps Can Drive Revenue to Your Business?

Smartphones have opened up new vistas for online businesses. How many times have you heard that it is time to go mobile? If have not yet taken this golden rule seriously, it is time to do so now. The widespread use of mobiles has compelled the businesses to opt for mobile apps so that they can keep driving more revenue to their businesses. As per the reports from Google individuals are spending 151 minutes daily on their phones and accessing internet. If the trends are to be believed then they suggest that this figure is all set to rise in the coming years.

Mobile apps


Geo-Targeted Push Notifications

Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO in the year 2010 had predicted how one day mobile phones will rule the world. A time would come when the handheld devices would present the users with all the information in an automated fashion. He once said that as he would like to enjoy technological benefits where he can go on a trip to San Francisco and with the help of an app he would acquire all the necessary information. Fortunately, such a technology is not just a mere aspiration. It has been turned to reality so that the one like geo targeted push notification could be used across several industries.

Creates more opportunities for sales

The business opportunities created by the smartphones can be fulfilled with the help of the mobile apps. People utilize their leisure hours for engaging with brands. It is common sight to find people waiting in movie ticket queues or for local commute to browse through their phones and check out the online stores. With the help of mobile apps businesses can reach out to these customers. Amazon has created a mobile app and since then it sales opportunities have increased. Being an online store it has gained immensely by successfully tapping upon the potential customers who use smartphones.

Opportunities not limited to online stores

The utility of mobile apps are not just limited to online stores. It is equally applicable to business listing websites and others. Look at Zomato. The company has grown in leaps and bounds with the help of its mobile apps. Today, it is investing around $80 million to further expand its horizon. By developing mobile apps, Zomato grabbed the opportunity for providing service whenever required. A free to download app, it can be used anywhere, anytime by users to find information about restaurants in their locality or in the neighboring areas.

Available for all devices

Mobile apps can be built for all types of devices – android, windows, iOS, Blackberry. This means that the merchants now can reach out to users using various types of smartphones. If you are thinking how your mobile app UI design will actually come out, you need to hire professional app developers. It is these professionals who can create usable and effective mobile app across all devices.

Data about engaged users

The webmaster is a useful source when it comes to looking for the data regarding engaged users and what might have ticked them off. With the online stores, it is easy to track how much time users are generally spending on the service or product pages and what are their preferences. It is also possible to track their locations. Depending on these information, an online business can plan its marketing strategies further. Gathering such data for brick and mortar stores is near impossible.

Competing is easier

For the online stores the wide world of web is their stage. Whilst a number of retail shops might complaint about how they cannot showcase their products widely, there are no such issues with the online stores. In this regard generating leads and revenue becomes easier. Shoppers even visit physical stores but ultimately end up purchasing the same products online. This makes the online stores with mobile apps a clear winner. One of the main reasons behind it is that the online stores offer lucrative discounts from time to time. Amazon even has the record of offering $5 discount to shoppers who had compared prices online using their tool. There are several such price comparison tools that help in driving more traffic as well as sales.

Mobile apps are, thus, helping businesses across all industries to enhance their opportunities efficiently. Instead of spending extensively on advertisements, developing a mobile app sounds a better investment. Of course app development requires a considerable finance but once pitched correctly they can actually drive better traffic and sales. Moreover, the golden rule in business is to stay ahead of competition and such latest technologies will actually help you to reach out to a larger target audience. Mobile apps provide that golden opportunity which enables a business to reach out to both existing and potential customers efficiently.

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