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Mobile Compatible Website – Can You Manage To Overlook It?

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Mobile Compatible Website – Can You Manage To Overlook It?

The mobile revolution is here and it will stay. Therefore, mobile user experience is no more a simple add on. There was a time when mobile websites were added features but nowadays they are a must. You will find it everywhere. Whether it is for small businesses or enterprises, a mobile compatible website is advised in order to ensure better business generation. For your online arsenal it is a major instrument that can help your business grow. The use of smart phones has increased in the recent past. According to surveys, handheld devices are dictating the modes of businesses. It is estimated that nearly 10% of all internet traffic is coming from mobile devices and it will continue to grow exponentially to reach 36% by 2016. For online merchants having a website that is mobile compatible has become necessary. Otherwise they will be losing out on potential customers.

Why You Need A Mobile Compatible Website?

The websites that are running for last 10 to 20 years might seem fine for most of the online businesses. However, mobile support is required too. Rather, let’s put it this way – a mobile compatible website must top your priority list when you draw up your company budget. If you have a complete responsive website and there are all the elements to ensure that a mobile site is developed properly, then this will enable you to stand out from the rest of your competition.

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Your competition already has a mobile website

This is an aspect that you always need to take care of – your competitors. Most of the online businesses have already caught up with the mobile shift. As more and more users take to the handheld devices to search for a product or services, they will skip websites that are not mobile friendly. They will simply navigate out of the site and move on to your competitor. This is not something that is desired by an online merchant. In a world that has already gone mobile, you cannot afford to overlook it if you are serious about your business.

Is mobile compatibility enough?

While you cannot overlook the need to develop a mobile compatible site but the big question is will it be enough? Well, no, it won’t. Besides being compatible your website should also be optimized for the all types of handheld devices.

Difference between mobile compatible and optimized

A mobile compatible site is an HTML based one which does not include Flash. Thus, it can be viewed on a handheld device but it is not really optimized for these devices. Primarily such mobile website design are made for desktops or web browsers and are suitable for larger screens where these are navigated with the help of a mouse. The users will have to scroll up, down, left or right in order to find out how the website is working.

However, if your website is not optimized for the mobile devices then it would not be possible to convert customers as poor user experience will only result in losing out on potential customers. Thus, you need a mobile optimized website that would be designed especially for the mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, iPhones, etc. On such sites the navigation is built to deliver efficiency. The images and media load quickly and the content is succinct for optimal effectiveness. Additionally, mobile-only functionality includes tap-to-call, tap-to-email and map functionality.

Cost of A Mobile Compatible Website

As the time spent online browsing the Web on desktop as opposed to mobile continues to diminish, recommending mobile is increasingly something that has become essential for every website design.

Proliferation of mobile devices now is accelerating and sales of internet enabled mobile and tablet devices now exceeds that of traditional desktop devices; tablets alone will exceed desktop sales as early as next year!

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