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Mobile Application Development

  • Wattens erleben

    Application Name: Wattens erleben Application Description: This app gives latest info on the locations of hotels, crafts, leisure, Government Offices, health, restaurants in your area. The user-friendly features make it ideal to be used by anybody and on any smartphone or tablet. Technology Used : Android App Url : Click here
  • Guess The Pic

    Application Name: Guess The Pic Application Description: Just look at the pictures & guess the names. With 100+ FREE levels & hints, the game is fun to play. Enrich your general knowledge and test your skills by identifying popular personalities, animals, places, etc. from India. Technology Used : Android Company Url : Click here
  • Wordzly

    Application Name: Wordzly Application Description: Enjoy the fast, fun game of solving jumbled letters! This addictive game can be played on your iPad or iPhone without data or internet connectivity. Solve the words correctly and earn bonus! Technology Used : iOS Company Url : Click here
  • Quaranic Arabic

    Application Name: Quaranic Arabic Application Description: This lightweight text based app help you understand the holy verses of Quran and Arabic language. Through this complete digital Quarnic course you can learn the high frequency words and translate the verses in the app. Technology Used : iOS Company Url : Click here
  • Bizzmeetr

    Application Name: Bizzmeetr Application Description: This pioneering app makes professional networking easy and quick. Through BizzMeetr you can find professionals in your locality that share same interests as you. This app uses your LinkedIn profile info to create the profile in the app. Technology Used : Android iOS Company Url : Click here
  • Rapid Stocking Scanner

    Application Name: Rapid Stocking Scanner Application Description: Placing products on the store shelves has never been so easy! With this app you can reduce errors while placing inventory, as this will help you recognize the aisle segment to place your items quickly. Customers can find out the products quickly when they are placed in the correct category. […]
  • Lotto Assistant

    Application Name: Lotto Assistant Application Description: You could hit the jackpot! Lotto Assistant redoubles your chances of winning lottery games by giving off random number sequences from your input values. Technology Used : Android Company Url :Click here
  • I Eat Now

    Application Name : I Eat Now Application Description : Food lovers get a reason to celebrate! With I Eat Now restaurant promotion app, users can find out restaurants and stay updated with all the events, special offers and happy hours. So, download this FREE app now! Technology Used : Android iOS Company Url : Android Version, iOS Version
  • RealTech Nirman

    Application Name : RealTech Nirman Application Description : Finding your dream home in West Bengal has never been so easy! With RealTech Nirman App you can find out new and promising residential projects and their details cropping up in the city. Technology Used : Android Company Url : Click Here
  • FMF Roam Free

    Application Name : FMF Roam Free Application Description : Stay connected to your friends and family from anywhere in the world without breaking your bank. This app will forward your incoming calls to any prepaid number, no matter how far the distance is. So just forward your phone number to your unique FMF routing code and get […]
  • Wordzly

    Application Name : Wordzly Application Description : Wordzly – the quickest and highly addictive jumble letter app now in iOS universe! Test your skills by solving up to 8 letter words as fast as you can. Technology Used : iOS Company Url : Click Here
  • Little Facebook

    Application Name: Little Facebook Application Description: It is a demo social networking app that is used for populating data from the Facebook account of an user. Being very light weight application, it effectively performs the basic functionalities of the social networking site like that of posting an image in one’s timeline, viewing latest wall updates […]