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Mobile Website Design

In today’s world, mobile strategy is a must have for a business. No longer regarded as a fad, mobile website design is an essential and it is actually expected by users. A website is likely to lose potential customers if you go to a website using your mobile device or tablet, and you couldn’t read the information on the site without having to zoom or pinch.

Having a separate mobile website customized specifically for smaller screens is the alternative to responsive web design. A site is unreadable from a mobile device just because of the fact that it doesn’t have mobile website. To view a website from a mobile device can be extremely annoying if the site is not properly optimized to identify mobile devices. A mobile website needs to be shown by default.

Why Have a Mobile Website When You Already Have a Regular Website

Mobile web design approach is rapidly becoming the new standard for internet searching on mobile phones and tablets. Mobile-specific websites are designed for easy navigation and quick loading. As the name suggests, they are formatted specifically for visitors accessing sites on their mobile devices.

  • Now, around 50% of internet usage is done on mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones and so tailoring relevant experiences to these devices is vital.
  • Owing to the nature of mobile browsing, page loading time and screen real-estate is highly important. That’s why Brand Maestro is here to help you work through your content to ensure that only the essential information is available.
  • We also make sure to integrate your mobile website with your smartphone using your location as well as quick dialing options on contact numbers.

Why Choose Us for Developing Your Mobile Websites

  • We create attractive and innovative business websites that load quickly and are easy to navigate on smaller display screens, yet present all the essential details of the business in a clear and precise manner.
  • We offer simple user-friendly mobile websites.
  • We make sure that you get an eye-catching and entertaining cellular site.
  • We get you effective mobile analysis and marketing consultancy.
  • Our skilled and persistent web developers keep themselves updated with all the latest technologies.
  • We deliver premium mobile website design services at affordable prices.
  • At Brand Maestro, we address all handheld device specific challenges, including data entry, navigation, loading time and visibility for creating a precise experience of smartphone and tablet users.

We create quality mobile sites, with content management linked automatically to your desktop site for simple management.

Interested in mobilizing your business? Our mobile business strategists would love to hearing from you. Give us a call today at +91 – 33 – 40200868.

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Our Reputed Client – PILOT BOATS
Our Reputed Client – PILOT BOATS
Our Reputed Client – VENEZIA
Our Reputed Client – VENEZIA
Our Reputed Client – MEDI MALL
Our Reputed Client – MEDI MALL
Our Reputed Client – MADRAS CHAI
Our Reputed Client – MADRAS CHAI