Web Security Services

We provide quality web security services that offer several programs required to keep your system danger-free and smooth functioning. Our professionals efficiently monitor the undetected problems, essential security information, and explore troubleshooting options. We derive system related information like Windows update, system back up, etc. to check for solutions.

Team Brand Maestro is armed with the right expertise to guarantee all-round data safety for our clients. You can avail support for web services vulnerability scanning by a dedicated tool which is specifically designed to identify exploitable entry-points in a web services system.

Here’s the security scanning tool to help you run an automated vulnerability assessment. A network security report can easily be generated from the scan’s findings.

We focus on website security so you can focus on your business. Let’s help you save your reputation now.

Our Website Security Service Offerings

Malware Removal

If your site has recently been hacked or defaced and your reputation and customers are at stake, count on us to remove malware and fix website damage. We fix hacked sites faster and better than you think and it’s because we are methodical and skilled.

  • We can assist you in restoring your website and your reputation.
  • If your site gets re-infected, we will clean it up yet again until it is 100% clean.
  • We offer other post-cleanup suggestions after you do your part by changing passwords.
  • When our professionals manually verifies that your site is clean, we remove it from any blacklists and offer you all of the steps required to make you stay secure.
Your site being infected with malware will cost you visitors, customers and money. Our assured website malware removal service comprise clean-up, securing and monitoring of your website for 1 complete year. Our friendly, experienced team is always ready and available to help you with malware infected website or Google malware warning.

Hack Prevention

It’s easier preventing hack attacks than restoring reputation of the website among your customers and its status in search engines. Your APIs along with web services are primary targets for attackers. APIs provide important information for back-end e-commerce functionality and business-to-business transactions. Let’s protect you from a hack attack and stay a step ahead of the hackers because prevention is better than cure. Our hack prevention steps include:

  • Locking down permissions on the core CMS files.
  • Hardening all the known flaws of your CMS
  • Automatic lock-outs for repetitive unsuccessful login attempts
  • Setting up a firewall through white listed IP addresses
  • Installing brute force attack detection and blocking
  • Monitoring
  • IP Blacklisting
  • Scanning Malware
  • Making the admin area unavailable out of business hours
  • Your main config passwords salting

We care about making your website safe! For prompt assistance, give us a call at +91 – 33 – 40200868 mail us at info@brand-maestro.com to discuss your requirement.

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Our Reputed Client – PILOT BOATS
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Our Reputed Client – VENEZIA
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Our Reputed Client – MEDI MALL
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Our Reputed Client – MADRAS CHAI