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Stop Guesswork & Re-Launch Website quickly With Growth Driven Design

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Stop Guesswork & Re-Launch Website quickly With Growth Driven Design

Changing the look and feel of your website in just a few weeks was not considered to be a cake walk until Growth Driven Design came into existence. There are so many things to be taken care of like replacing the stale content with recent promotional and sales messages, adding, testing and optimizing two or three new features on the page to increase interactivity. Things would have been so easy if you would know what to put on your homepage to get maximum traffic and leads.

Opposing the”big bang”approach, i.e. redesigning the website all at once, Growth Driven Design provides an incremental approach where you can bite just as much as you can chew. This approach helps you:

  • To improvise your website continuously
  • Eliminate the guesswork from the designing process
  • Save your as well as your team’s time
  • Launch the website in 1/2 the time of a traditional web re-designing process

Re-Launch Website

What you can expect from Growth  Driven Design

  • Continuous data driven improvement

Almost four in every ten firms have opted for re-design in the last 1 and ½ year or so, not on the basis of any metrics. So how they figured out that their website is not performing well?

When it comes to best website designs, designers often make incorrect hypothesis about how a firm’s target customers will make use of the website.  Growth Driven Design eliminates this guess-working phase, because you are constantly determining, making assumptions, changing and examining how it affects your business.

After the 1st few weeks of the project, the service page, about us page, case studies, testimonials etc., has to be revisited. You have to re-write, refine, test and improvise one or two of them at a time. Through this methodical approach you can maximize traffic and lead via your website.

  • The cost of web design can be segmented into budget-friendly portions

As per the sources, a traditional business website re-design will cost around $15,000 (the price greatly varies depending on the requirement). Cashing the amount all a time is a big blow to the company. On the other hand, a Growth Driven Design will usually cost you approx $2,500 monthly again, the prices may vary).  This is a budget- friendly option. As the fee per month is all-inclusive, it comprises of updates, maintenance, backups, hosting and installing new features eventually.

  • Ideal fit for inbound marketing

Compile inbound marketing  and Growth Driven Design together and you will find out a success mantra! This kind of web design  together with inbound marketing implies that you can attract more users or visitors to your website that skillfully converts prospective customers to leads. Your cost per lead will reduce eventually as your website will be more capable of drawing visitors and make them loyal customers.

  • Generate business results and sales revenue through your website

The Growth Driven design approach can convert your website form a mere brochure to a powerful tool for selling, because the approach focus on computing metrics that delivers real business results. Google provides additional advantages to those websites where the content is fresh. Therefore, website developers find it easy to upload new contents every month via this approach.

If your firm is planning for a website redesign and budgeting for the same, try exploring the potentials that a Growth Driven Design could offer. This approach is exclusively designed to make your corporate website a real sales tool  that draws visitors and converts them to customers. Hope this blog helps you to decide on what is best for your website.

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