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Top 5 Tips for Mobile Website Design Post Google Algorithm Update

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Top 5 Tips for Mobile Website Design Post Google Algorithm Update

Recently, Google has come up with new search algorithm that will favor mobile friendly sites to become more accessible for the mobile internet users. The best part of this algorithm shift is that it will not affect page raking of sites, which are accessed through PC. However, providing a website that can be optimized for mobile usage can significantly raise page rank. Therefore, allowing users for locating your site while resuming searches.

The biggest mistake that many website owners commit is to design a site for PC and then convert the contents into mobile version. This causes users to face difficulty, as the fonts do not fit the size of the screen most of the time. The best way to overcome this problem is to go for responsive web design that makes fonts of web pages compatible with the mobile devices. While creating mobile optimized sites, professionals of a responsive web design company take utmost care for displaying web pages, contents and buttons to offer suitable experience to mobile users.

Mobile Website Design

Another option, which web development services deploy for attaining mobile design flexibility, is the usage of alternate layout. Adobe Muse helps in creating separate site for mobile visitors and redirects them according to screen resolution. The advantage of alternate layout to developers is superb design flexibility, control and ability of optimizing a mobile website for unique set of meta data and keywords.
Whether you want to go for responsive web design or develop an alternate layout for your website, you have to take some design considerations in to account, so that your site looks impressive as well as rank well during searches.

•    Avoid creating tiny buttons
•    Use scroll for making fonts legible
•    Avoid using rich contents and widgets
•    Ensure fast loading of pages
•    Use suitable cross links

Avoid Creating Tiny Buttons

While designing a mobile website, you have to create large buttons. This helps users in comfortably pressing buttons on your website with their fingers. Do not place buttons closely each other or else a user will hit wrong one. For safe usage, you have to build sizes in 50px by 50px format. For spacing, follow 20px – 32px format.

Use Scroll for Making Fonts Legible

Mobile users are always in hurry and many mobile websites are devoid of zooming facilities. As tiny texts are difficult to read, you have to take advantage of mobile users’ ability of scrolling and develop long pages with contents displayed in comfortable size.

Ensure Fast Loading of Web Page

While designing a mobile site, ensure that it should be streamlined, leaned and light. Users may not avail Wi-Fi connection every time. Therefore, it takes lot of time for loading video rich sites. For ensuring navigator’s satisfaction, mobile pages should load in short time and images should be optimized for maximum compression. Avoid including complex widgets as they make the mobile page design bulky. You should always think how navigators would use your site. So, design it accordingly.

Avoid Using Rich Content and Widgets

The most demanded mobile sites are simple, fast and light. Save your high-resolution video galleries and parallax scrolling effects for desktop usage. As a part of algorithm change, Goggle has confirmed inaccessible content like Flash that will have negative impact on ranking.
If your embedded media or widget fails to raise user experience, then remove the same and implement easier or faster way for displaying contents. For example, instead of showing video regarding customer endorsement, you put quotes of your clients that can be easily scrolled through.

Use Suitable Cross Links

Websites that have separate URLs for mobile and desktop versions, it is the common practice to include links, which can connect two versions. While going for responsive web design, see that should connect the relevant counterpart.

Follow the above-mentioned tips for creating user- friendly mobile site that will help visitors search and find contents easily and add revenue to your business.

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