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Comprehensive Web Application Development Guide in 2014

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Comprehensive Web Application Development Guide in 2014

The twenty-first century is so hooked to Internet that it is not wrong to say that people today eat, sleep and think on the web. So, what is it that makes Internet so appealing to everyone when it comes to getting news, sharing views and brewing up conversations?

It is web applications. With each passing year, web technologies go through a revolutionary advancement. This results into powerful web software programs that maximize user experience. Many businesses require web applications. For example, Amazon required custom web application development for their live-chat option, when they decided to provide this facility to their customers. This helps them to get in touch with their customers online over a secure network.

web application guide 2014

Web application development guide in 2014

User, business and data services – these three forms the core of a web application model. If you are an aspiring web application developer, you may be in need of some detailed discussion in this respect. Let’s go ahead with that in the following.

User service – Without this, it is not possible for a user to relate with a particular application. It sets up a visual platform which helps users to get familiar with an application. The visual platform is created with the help of HTML, Java and DHTML.

Business service – User services acquire procedures from business services to make sure users move ahead to perform actions, such as live-chat and others. The business procedures are interpreted through web scripting languages like PHP and server side programming languages like TCL.  

Data services – Information shared through a web interface are stored, kept up-to-date and restored with the help of this tier. For example, databases help to save, recover and update information methodically.

These are the fundamentals that you must be aware of as a wannabe web application developer. When you land up with a job and get the first opportunity to work on a custom web application development project, you need to be familiar with the multiple phases involved in the process. But, before that, let’s put in a nutshell the basic concept of an ideal web application.

A web application is considered appropriate when it

1.    Contains all the features required to make the product useful and engaging.
2.    Can be accessed without any difficulty irrespective of any device and browser.
3.    Caters to different users.
4.    Is secure.
5.    Ensures a good user experience.

Make these five points the rule of your success as a web application developer. Now, take a look at the three phases of the process.

Understanding the minute details of the project

Getting into the core of the project and devising a blueprint is necessary to work in a disciplined manner. This lessens the rise of any hassles in the middle of an ongoing project. You will be able to keep sharp focus on your work throughout the project. A team meeting is important for setting the project goals, identifying any shortcomings (if there are), and scheduling the time-span required to complete the project successfully.

While planning the project, decide on the apt programming language and the features that the application must be equipped with. 

Developing the application

When you have a well-planned project blueprint, it is time to start working on the project. Make use of your coding knowledge efficiently to create a web application complimenting the details jotted down in flow-chart. You must be excited to give your insight into the project, but amidst the excitement, do not overlook the inputs of other team members.

Testing the functionality of the application

This is the final phase of the project and it is crucial. With its accomplishment, the web application is ready to be launched. Conduct a thorough test of the custom web application development to see whether there are any inconsistencies with the proper functioning of the network that can result in negative user experience and fetch you bad reviews from your client. This is a test of your skills as well, whether you have been able to use the procedures in the right manner or not.

Therefore, you have to take correct decisions regarding various matters to execute a project productively. To be successful, you have to steer clear of the two mistakes mentioned below.


•    You should never allow users to set weak passwords that are a hacker’s delight. At the same time, it is not handy to force users to create complex passwords. Strong passwords are not always those too problematic to remember. Guide users to set long passwords that are memorable.

•    You should always store data encrypted so that hackers are unable to steal data if they infringe a web application. Otherwise, the loss of valuable financial data may put your company and your job at risk.
Give your best shot while working on a custom web application development project. Best of luck!

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