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Why Linux Is Better Than Windows – Programmer’s Pick!

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Why Linux Is Better Than Windows – Programmer’s Pick!

» User-friendly Windows or the programmer’s favorite Linux? «

This topic seems to be getting more and more controversial even though a decade has passed since its emergence. Being in the programming field for several years and associated with a multinational website development company, I have worked on both operating systems and according to me Linux is a programmer’s delight. This is not something I am saying out of personal preference. When you will become familiar with the innumerable benefits of Linux, you will understand why Linux scores much higher than Windows.

If you feel a slight hesitation to believe what I am saying, you can take a look at the following to clear your doubts and that puckered brow regarding the credibility of Linux over Windows.

linux better than windows- website development company

Why Linux is better than Windows?

As I said in the intro, there are countless benefits of Linux and I am going to highlight the most striking ones in this blog post.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
It comes free– In case you are considering installing standard Windows, wait a minute and contemplate over the overall costs involved in installing all the programs. When you can save a considerable amount, why should you not switch to another option i.e. Linux? It is free. The cost does not change irrespective of the number of computers you install Linux on.

It is secure– In terms of security, Linux is well-ahead of its contemporaries. The presence of firewall at the core prevents any possibility of security breach. So, a user is at peace working on a Linux computer with the knowledge that the efficient security programs are built-in for ultimate protection.

It is not susceptible to malware attack– When working on Linux computer, a user need not bother about the possibility of a malware attack. If it is installed from distro’s repositories, there is an assurance that it has been tested and confirmed devoid of flaws. That is a why it is much favored by most web development companies.
It is flexible– Those who have been raving about the flexibility of Windows OS need to be aware of the fact that Linux is not restricted to desktops only. The adaptive nature of this OS makes it easier for users to carry out a task with different approach.

It offers several programs – Do you know Linux comes with many free applications? A standard distro is equipped with all the basic applications, such as office software, games, and multimedia and required internet tools. With Windows, you can expect only mailer and web browser.

It performs well on any platform– Linux is versatile and this point testifies to that perfectly. Starting from mobile phones, tablets to even super computers, it can work efficiently given any hardware. Thanks to the open-source design of software as it can be shifted to a different structure by a third-party.

It does not need to be reinstalled– Suppose there is a latest version of Windows available and you want to update to it. You have to reinstall the program to switch to the updated version. But, in case of Linux, re-installation is not needed at all. It will get updated automatically and you will be able to take advantage of the advanced version. This is another factor why every website development company prefers Linux over Windows.

It supports more than one hardware– If you nurture the wrong notion that Windows supports multiple hardware in comparison to Linux, it is time to drive away this false concept. Linux supports more hardware and the core supports the maximum number of hardware. On the other hand, in case of Windows, a user is required to set up drivers for most hardware.  

It offers live CDs- If you ask me about the best thing of Linux, I will definitely say it is live CDs. I will cite you a big reason for this. When I am out of station, I can easily transfer my desktop to my laptop from an USB or CD. Don’t you think it is indeed a smarter decision to shift to Linux than sticking to Windows?

It provides advanced versions at frequent rates– Faster evolution is another plus point of Linux. You can expect an updated version every five to seven months. In case you do not like any new features in the updated release, you can leave them out and wait only a few months for the next edition to add any new features of your liking. On the other hand, Windows takes a minimum of three years to emerge with an upgraded version.

Nothing can contain too much of a positive stuff. Let’s checkout a little bit of negative aspects of Linux:-

These are all the benefits that I as a programmer have experienced while working on Linux. Now, here comes an important question i.e. is Linux user-friendly besides being a programmer’s first choice? The user-friendly nature of Linux is very much criticized. The command lines and graphical user interface pose many problems for users who are not accustomed to the technical nuts and bolts. We cannot really expect users to be so and this is where Linux does not earn brownie points and puts Windows in a win-win situation.

The bottom line is Linux has to go a long way to be user-friendly apart from being the prime pick of web programmers working in a reputed website development company. As the points suggests, it’s pretty clear that Linux is the programmer’s pick than Windows. Do let me know what is your pick as a coder?

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