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Why Mobile App Marketers Should Go for TV Ads?

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Why Mobile App Marketers Should Go for TV Ads?

Technology changes rapidly. Why? It is for the sake of happy living. For the past few years, companies of all sorts have tried their best to offer easy and happy experience to their customers with various apps. The app development fever swept, when smartphones hit the market. During early times, when a company developed a mobile app, then it was not difficult for that business to market the application because consumers could easily check the utility over their phones. However, with the passage of time, the market dynamics have changed. More and more players stepped their foot for satisfying customers. Now, the time has come, where app marketers need to promote their services to consumers, who are spread in different geographical locations. This goal can be realized by investing in advertising strategies.

Mobile App Design

As a marketer, you develop an app with proper mobile application UI design that will allow the consumers to satisfy their specific needs fast and comfortably. As the competition is growing, it is required that you should be in a position, where people can find you easily. Therefore, the essence of publicity of your app through TV mediums arises.

Does Selecting TV Mediums for Apps Work?

Yes, here are few examples that will clear your doubts. Hike, a messaging app company in India is into television advertising for over a year now. The financial support partner Kavin Mittal of SoftBank said that by promoting the service through television, Hike added approximately 150000 to 200000 per day.

Consider the case of OLX. The company became popular through its amusing ad campaign known as “sell phone”. According to a report, during March 2014, the company had attained success with billion page views. It was also found that approximately 70% of the views came through mobile medium.

The intensity of competitiveness and aggressiveness among online retail stores have forced companies like Amazon to advertise about its apps through TV mediums.

Perception about TV Spends

Previously, TV spends were expensive than digital ones. A past report suggested that an app marketer had to spend $0.75 to $1 for acquiring one Android user. Such company also spent around $2 to $2.5 to acquire one iOS user. Now the scenario has changed. Currently, even small app marketing companies are expanding their budget for running TV commercials and they are not just limited to the expenditure of mobile app design.

The number of TV ad campaigns for mobile applications has risen substantially this year. A digital advertising agency based in US has quoted that it has booked approximately 12000 TV advertisements across 11 countries this year, so far. The agency has reported that the booking rate has increased by 10 times, when compared with 2014.

Is TV Advertisement Expensive?

TV advertising is less expensive than what it was few years back. Three factors are associated with this trend. The rising cost of install based advertising and measuring its performance has forced many mobile app marketers to choose other marketing options and they have found that cost of running campaigns through televisions, fits within their budget.

High profile companies like Machine Zone is spending sumptuous amount of money in TV advertising to promote its game called Game of War: Fire Age. This company has also appointed Kate Upton as brand ambassador. This kind of strategy has attracted small-scale app marketers to enter into TV advertising and see whether such strategy works. Lastly, companies, which have superb customer acquisition strategies are opting TV platforms to spread the brand awareness.

Nowadays, the competition among mobile app marketers is rising. Therefore, a platform like TV is required, where the campaigns can draw mass appeal and effectively engage the users.

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