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Google Plans to Offer App Indexing Support to iOS Users

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Google Plans to Offer App Indexing Support to iOS Users

Google has recently announced that it will offer app indexing support to iOS apps. This strategy can boost business growth for iOS mobile app developers and provide ease of installation for the smartphone users.

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App Indexing

App indexing helps you to engage your app users and enhance app installations directly from Google search results. It signifies that users, who have the application installed, will be able to open the contents of the same directly from the search page. People who do not have your app installed can also get the opportunity of loading the application.

To have clear understanding, look at this example. Suppose, you have a digital cab booking catalog and Google has registered the application content. If a mobile user has installed your app and is searching for an air- conditioned cab, then Google can pop up a link directly to the booking option within the application. If a user has not installed the app, Google shows an installation button for the same.
See how App Indexing API can enable query completion automatically and drive re- engagements among mobile users.

The Recent Development

Google started to provide app indexing support for android app developers from 2013. By seeing the adoptability pattern of mobile usage, it has now planned to extend such support to iOS app marketers. This will enable iOS mobile phone users to gather the details of an iOS app directly from Google search.

In nutshell, iOS mobile application developers have to add markup to their apps, submit a specialized sitemap file to Google through Google Search Console and conduct proper checks with their apps.

Google has declared that iOS mobile phone users will be witnessing applications show up in search results in both Google Chrome and Google App in coming weeks. This provision will be available for signed in users.

Steps You Need to Take for Availing iOS App Indexing Support from Google

First, you have to add deep linking support to the iOS app. You need to ensure that the link should appear in search result through single click. Deploy deep link annotations to the site.

Nowadays, the usage of mobile phones for purchase decision making is on rise. As an iOS app marketer, avail the app indexing support from Google and tap potential customers for driving business revenue.

Facts about Mobile Usage

According to a survey, it is found that nowadays, more than 90% of consumers are making purchase decisions by using mobile apps. Therefore, it is great opportunity for app marketers to cash on the growing opportunity and engage more customers towards their brands.

What Steps are to be taken?

•    Deploy suitable mobile application UI design in your app
•    Register yourself in Google’s app indexing drive

Go For Suitable Mobile Page Design

As an app developer, you should bear in mind that users need information that can suffice their queries in short time. Therefore, you need to put relevant information in the app. In addition, the layout of the page should be user friendly. You have to design the page in such a manner that users can navigate the information without facing difficulty and make quick purchase decision.

Now the question comes, where to market your app?

It has been found that billions of apps are uploaded every day. However, many apps do not get proper recognition as marketers lack proper marketing skills. If an app provides useful information and is unable to make headway among users, it suffers revenue as well as credibility losses. Therefore, the best way to publicize your app is to go for indexing, which Google is providing currently to android app marketers.

If you do not have proper idea of app indexing, learn about the concept first for making useful engagements.

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